"The Sisters of the Immaculate Conception will go without hesitation wherever the voice of the poor calls them: IN EUROPE, IN AFRICA, IN LATIN AMERICA, IN THE PHILIPPINES".

October 3: Feast of Saint Jeanne Emilie de Villeneuve

October 3: Perpetual profession of Sister Laure Deymier

April - May - June, 2018

In the Amazon: Mission of Sister Joaninha with the poorest

Meeting of the History Team in Castres

Missionary Week: Testimony of Sister Terezinha Kunen - Philippines

Testimony of gratitude to Sr. Derly

Religious profession of Sister Nela - Bolivia

Religious profession in Benin

Merry Christmas ! Happy New Year

Mexico - Emilie College

With our sisters from the Province of MT and the family

Celebration of sending Sister Maria Filomena

General Chapter: from April 19th to May 11th, 2018 in Castres

Entry of postulants in Benin

III Congregational meeting of education Castres 18 - 24 july 2017

The participants of the III International Meeting of Education are the representatives of our provinces:

Argentina/Uruguay, Benin, Europa, Gabon-PAC, Mato Grosso, Paraguay, São Paulo and Senegal-PAO.


From July 15 to July 24 the different significant experiences will be shared in order to re_read and project a more vivid view of our charisma in the world of education. 

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June - July 2017

August -September 2017

April - May 2017

March 2017

Did you knous that ?

Philippines - Formation of the scholars

Feast Day of Consacrated Life - February, 02

Sanghe - Senegal


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Video for day of consecrated life: sister Edineia
Video for day of consecrated life: sister Edineia

Holy Emilie de Villeneuve, walk with us

Great joy for the Congregation

Circulaires of Sisters

Sister Marie Serre  France
Sister Marie Serre France
Sister Maria Blanca Paraguay
Sister Maria Blanca Paraguay
Sister silvia Sosa Paraguay
Sister silvia Sosa Paraguay